The company Levorato Abrasives was founded in 2006 by brothers Nicola and Luca Levorato. With an experience of over 25 years in the abrasives industry, they've been able to fulfill immediately and precisely the market requirements.In fact, founded as an handicraft company has now proposed on the market with efficiency and organization comparable to those of large size.

Over the years and with the entry of a new partner, Mr. Pavan Jordan, the company isn't only a simple supplier of abrasive products, but it is also able to respond to any customer need or particular problem, being able to say proudly that the company offers "solutions that pave the way to the customer's business".

Since 2013 the company has decided to renew its corporate image and especially its range of products. Our brand LEVO is the corporate brand, which presents itself as the Best in class, and is accompanied by the brand Rombex, which includes a range of products that we have patented and enable us to differentiate ourselves on the market of abrasives.